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Fall for Anything

Fall for Anything - Courtney Summers Okay, so since I've read This Is Not A Test I'm basically addicted to Courtney Summer's books. I love them all. I love how she can take any subject and create a gripping story and a wide variety of characters that all have different feelings, emotions and reactions without any of the characters feeling the same of the situations feeling similar. Yet at the same time, I know it's Courtney's writing. I also admire the way she injects humour into stories that should make me feel depressed, yet weirdly I leave the story happy and content that my characters that I've become attached to are going to be okay.

In this story, 17 year old Eddie's father has just committed suicide, leaving her to try and work out why he even considered doing that in the first place. Her mom isn't all there, walking around in her Dad's house coat all day and she can't stand her mom's friend, Beth, who thinks that cure to loss is sunshine and vitamin pills.

There's a really varied cast of characters in this book but other than Eddie, I think the two that stuck out for me that most were Milo and Culler. As soon as I met Culler I was never quite sure of him and I was quite wary of him throughout the book. With Milo, I found him a bit too over-protective a lot of the time but he was sweet too and I admired the way he looked after Eddie, despite going through the pain of loss himself.

I was happy with the way the story ended and it felt finished but I still wouldn't say no if ever happened to be a sequel. However I feel the same way about all of Courtney's books! I only have Some Girls Are left to read now, until her next book is released. Which I hear is 2015... it's early April 2014 as I type this.