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Inheritance (Adaptation #2)

Inheritance (Adaptation #2) - Malinda Lo Adaptation was the first of Malinda Lo's books that I've picked up to read, even though I own a copy of Ash. It blew me away! Lots of action, lots of sci-fi, but not over-complicated, you could easily wrap your head around what was going on. And! A bisexual main character, something I don't think I've ever seen in a young adult story.

So went happened to Inheritance? It just went so, so wrong in so many places I'm not sure where to begin. There wasn't as much plot as there was in Adaptation, so I would hope that this would leave more room for the smaller characters to become more fleshed out and new friendships to begin. This didn't happen however and if anything, I felt that Reese lost a lot of her personality and David almost became the cardboard cut-out boyfriend, I didn't understand why he and Reese were together.

Cardboard would be a good word to use, in fact, for a lot of the book cliches that happened in here, some I didn't even feel were necessary. People treating Reese like a child constantly really got on my nerve. I didn't notice this with David however, because he never really spoke all that much. It seemed to be Reese driving most of the conversations. I was also disappointed to see much less of Amber and her presence during the last 25% seemed to be thrown in to help finish the story.

In fact, a lot of things felt thrown in, just to move the story along but it never really added to it and I never found myself wanting to continue reading to find out what happens next, like I did with Adaptation. It's an okay read, just not particularly memorable. I'm glad I read it so I can find out the ending but it didn't live up to the standard of Adaptation by a long shot, sadly.