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Easy (Contours of the Heart #1)

Easy (Contours of the Heart #1) - Tammara Webber I don't consider myself the romantic type, but stick a mushy love story in my hands and I'll be hooked for hours! I don't think I've tried a New Adult book before, so when I was offered copies of Easy and Breakable, I jumped at the chance. I've heard some great things about Easy and it really did not disappoint.

The subject of rape is pretty strong throughout this story and I thank Tammara so, so much for showing us the devastating effects of both rape and attempted rape, and how to deal with it properly (by kicking the guy's ass into next Sunday and calling the cops). I also loved Jacqueline's friend Erin, just for being her. She finds out her best friend nearly got raped and the first thing she does is sign them up for self defense classes. Every girl needs a friend like her.

Lucas. Lucas. Lucas. The boy is kind of important in these stories and yes, he was sexy all right. And the sexytimes were very, very sexy. *fans self* I fell in love with Lucas and fell in love with their relationship too, they just felt so right together. Which just sounds mushy sorry. They really did just work though and I enjoyed every minute with them.

Although Jacqueline clearly sees Lucas as a protective figure (nothing wrong with that), I enjoyed that throughout the story she got stronger mentally and physically and in the end could pretty much fend for herself. It was something that put me off New Adult, the worry that the girl would be the meek and mild type. I really loved most of the characters in this book!