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Perfect Lies

Perfect Lies  - Kiersten White While I really enjoyed Sister Assassin (or Mind Games), I felt that Annie's side of the story wasn't as strong or as interesting as Fia's, and never really connected with her. In Perfect Lies, it was kind of the opposite. Annie become more of a person and I really liked her but Fia was so obsessed with the end goal that it became a little boring after a while. I still loved her to death though.

Perfect Lies contained as much chicks kicking ass as in Sister Assassin, with one exception - Annie joins in! She may be blind but I saw why she was Fia's sister at that point. Instead of doing what she was doing in the previous book (sitting around worrying), she actually made plans and tried her best to help everyone out. My one fault with her was her visions - most of the time they had been incorrect yet everyone, including herself, continued to listen to them.

I was frustrated with Fia in this book. I know how mentally damaged she'd become but I didn't understand why she was content to just sit around and let James do everything without questioning the motives of the son of the man she wants dead. It was like she'd just given up. At the same time as not giving up.

This is a great conclusion to Annie and Fia's story with a lot of action, suspense and a great, explosive ending. It wrapped everything up perfectly but if there were a third book released I know I would buy it immediately, even if it was only about Annie and Fia sitting around watching movies all day!