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Hitler's Angel

Hitler's Angel - William Osborne This book is great for anyone who wants the gritty action of World War 2 and even though it's aimed at kids, it's not watered down at all. The dead bodies pile up more and more throughout, as does Otto's injuries! Strangely enough, Leni and Angelika never seem to injured, compared to Otto, who gets every injury you can think of thrown at him. And these are supposed to be kids!

Sadly enough, I wasn't impressed by the ending. It didn't really go where I was expecting it to go and the ending didn't feel right after the events that happened. It also made me quite confused too! The story as a whole is very action packed and I was very worried for the main characters, what with what the Author had put them through already!

This is a great read for teens of all ages and some adults too! The story really captures Germany in World War 2 and I really did feel as if I was there too, hiding from the Nazi officials. Definitely worth the read, especially if you're a fan of action/adventure books.