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Girl, Missing - Sophie McKenzie Girl, Missing certainly made for some interesting reading. It was much bigger than I expected it to be, I was expecting a simple 'Girl Finds Mother' story, not too different from Dustbin Baby. There's a lot more to this though, involving travelling to America, running away, breaking into a building, getting kidnapped, you name it.

Lauren and Jam make a good team. While she single mindedly searches for her parents, he keeps a level head and attempts to make sure she doesn't do anything too stupid. Which doesn't work too well, as Lauren is very self centered and whines. A lot. You can easily understand why Jam gets so frustrated with her at times and walks off - I think I would have done too!

Unsurprisingly, this story is a but far-fetched. I felt my eyebrow raising itself on more than one occaision and I cannot understand why people think this book is so amazing. It is aimed at 11+ but still. Really silly storyline, one you'd only find on a soap opera. I cannot see myself reading the second book, as the storyline sounds even more ridiculous. The story is certainly worth the read if you're bored one afternoon though and I thought it was a lot of fun in places!

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