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The Selection

The Selection - Kiera Cass Originally posted @ ComaCalm's Corner

I love the cover actually makes sense when you've read the read. I loved the story. I loved the characters. I loved Prince Maxon. I loved America's world. In short, I absolutely adored this book. Well, apart from a couple of small things.

I found the world building in The Selection fascinating. All great Dystopias have split their people into groups and this is no exception - the highest of the world is a One and the lowest, an Eight. Twos to Fours don't do too shabbily, the Fives through Sevens struggle with hunger and getting enough work and the Eights are the lowest, I don't even know what happens to them in their day to day life as this isn't mentioned in this book. We get glimpses of what life is like from America but nothing to help create an entire picture of the world easily, so I'm hoping this is explored better in future books.

The story hooked me from the beginning, despite Aspen trying his upmost best to irritate me with his gigantic ego. When a girl has saved up her money to make you nice picnic, don't have a bitch fit and then dump her. You won't become a favourite of mine. My brain was too preoccupied with The Selection to care too much for Aspen - I was excited about America getting Selected and meeting the other girls and going to Palace and meeting Prince Maxon - who I loved so, so much. It's hard not to love a guy who goes to pieces when a girl cries! He did have one asshole moment but I think I can forgive him.

The only truly disappointing thing in this book was the ending. I was so disappointed with it as it did stereotypical things that weren't needed and finished really weirdly. Literally, America gets out of bed, comments on it being a shiny new day and then the book ends. Finished. Poof. It wasn't much of an ending than a ending-somewhere-in-the-middle-of-the-story.