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Code Name Verity

Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein Originally posted @ ComaCalm's Corner

Shocking. Beautiful. Hilarious. There aren't really strong enough words to describe just how amazing Code Name Verity is and I know before I write my review that it will not be good enough to express my feelings towards this truly unique novel. Julie's pained, sarcastic voice is unforgettable and Maddie's shyer, yet strong willed one is a perfect match.

The twists and turns in this book had me wanting to flip back through the pages and re-read bits but alas, I was reading a kindle edition and wasn't able to do that. The first voice has many names and to avoid her name I'll call her The Scottish One! The Scottish One was the most memorable character for me and I could picture everything she wrote - and didn't write - even though there's a good chance she could have been telling us all a complete load of bull. She was certainly smart enough to. The Scottish One is being tortured, brutally, yet it's written in such a way where it's all cerebral - not much torture is mentioned but you can definitely see it in your head.

In the middle of the story, the narrative switches to Maddie, who is shyer than The Scottish One but in no way weaker. After hearing about her from The Scottish One, finally meeting her and hearing what she had to say was like meeting an old friend and I happily went with her to continue the journey. Maddie is easily the other half of The Scottish One and in one scene she even thinks the same thoughts!

One particular scene in this was brutal and so quick, I didn't even cry, I was in so much shock. I was grateful though, as it felt like something that had to happen and not something that the author had just thrown in there for entertainment value. The story as whole is a stunning portrayal of two strong-willed girls friendship during the Second World War and one that I'll never forget.