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Perfect - Ellen Hopkins A companion novel to Impulse, Perfect kept my interest for a longer period of time but ultimately, still bored the sh*t out of me. The book follows Cara, Kendra, Sean and Andre just after Connor's suicide attempt, which surprised me. It technically follows the same time frame as Impulse did, whereas I was expecting it to pick up where Impulse left off.

As a whole, I found Perfect frustrating. I couldn't stand Sean and I wanted someone to run him over, quite frankly. Kendra's anorexia annoyed me, in that no-one gave a shit that she was killing herself. Cara was on this never-ending self pity party and all she could think of was herself. Andre didn't annoy me, however. He was a pretty decent guy overall. A 5th character that has to be mentioned is Jenna, who I felt could have switched to her perspective at the end as after MAJOR EVENTS which were glossed over, people seemed to forget about her almost when I wanted to know how she was.

Ironically, I found the ending a little too Perfect. Everything suddenly went a bit soppy and it was going on about Couples and the families suddenly became understanding and most of the guys lives were back on track. A couple of issues just trailed off, leaving them unfinished. Basically, it was rushed. Hi, I just read SIX HUNDRED PAGES, give me something to make me feel as if it was worth it?