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Torn - Cat Clarke A book about four girls who actually kill someone? Can I get a 'HELLS YEAH!'? Seriously guys, I'm so tired of reading stories where it's hinted that the girl killed someone and then they like, didn't. So I was pretty happy to learn that they did actually murder their sort-of friend and the story focuses on the consequences of that moment.

The first half of the book was damned interesting. We go to afterwards at the funeral and view Alice's day to day life, coping with what had happened whilst lying to her friends. Which was great but I was starting to wonder what had actually happened. And then Tara's brother Jack asks Alice to meet him and she tell us exactly what happened, finally. Jack however, she gives a heavily edited version as she wants to get in his pants. Tara's words, not mine!

Did I mention that aside from the romantic sub-plot, Alice also sees Tara's ghost? Yep she does. And this is the start of the lack of good things I can say about this story. Finding out what had happened was gripping but I found the Tara's ghost story completely unnecessary. All it served was to distract me from the contemporary feel of the book and make the book feel completely unbelievable. Personally, if I was the Editor, I would have pulled that as it served absolutely no purpose at all.

And then the ending. As a reader, same as most readers, I like to feel rewarded for my reading with a good ending. If and ending is bad, I have wasted my time. And at (surprisingly) nearly 400 pages long, I was fully expecting a damned good ending where Alice confesses and we find out what happens afterwards, how it affects the other characters lives.
I was given a non-ending. There were things that happened that I was expecting and wanted to happen, but not enough. It was like she realised the book was 360 odd pages long and just threw a quick ending in there. I was so disappointed I wanted to throw the book across the room. So I'm knocking two stars off, for wasted time. *sulks*