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Evermore: The Immortals

Evermore - Alyson Noel Ever is a character that is instantly likeable, I liked that she listened to her music to drown out the world, just like I do. She moves in with Sabine, her Aunt who's never around much but tries her best to help her. I wanted Sabine and Ever to be closer, as I think they could have a pretty good sisterly relationship. There's various moments where they try and connect with each other, which is really sweet.

When Ever meets Damen she's instantly attracted to him, although she won't let herself admit it. She's also confused - she cannot read his thoughts or see his Aura, which is also incredibly frustrating for her. Damen is not like the other guys, he acts a lot more mature and is very mysterious, I guess he'll be pretty attractive to many female readers! Personally, I didn't like him. There was just too many moments where he just seemed like a total donkey.

I enjoyed this much, much more than Twilight but couldn't help noticing the obvious similarities - she can read everyone's thoughts but Damen's, so can Edward with Bella, Drina is a stuck up ginger chick - Victoria, and the most hilarious for me - Ever lends Damen a copy of Wuthering Heights! Of course, we all know what Bella's favourite book is. I could side with the people that are going 'Twilight rip-off!' 'Bad plot!' but I honestly enjoyed this book, felt like it could go somewhere despite parts of the storyline being weak.