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Bumped - Megan McCafferty This book was quite bizarre to read and a little surreal. Melody's character is more engaging for me, I think that's because Harmony is quite naive and then there's the whole God thing... books with Christians in them are unusual for me to read. I did like Harmony though. Although she's naive she's also quite sweet in her own way. I'd like to see her character grow up.

Admittedly the biggest let-down for me was the ending. Unless the Author is planning a sequel, I felt that the ending was quite abrupt and more loose ends needed to be tied up. It almost felt like there should be another chapter but the Author couldn't be bothered to write it.

Similar to Wither (where every girl dies at the age of 20 and every guy dies at 25) Bumped is a dystopian novel about a world where every girl becomes infertile at the age of 18. Now, I'm finding this a struggle to believe. The odds of that being possible are impossible, it just wouldn't happen. Same with Wither. This is less Dystopian and more coming-of-age, and the story is very silly in places. The male characters were quite weak, I felt that Zen could have (should have) been a stronger character.

Also, the language was quite annoying in places. Because pregnancy is now a huge trade the reader has to put up with various pop songs, jingles, etc.

''You're knocked up... ready to pop... due to drop... (8)''

And fertilicious is another common term...

I do like the cover though.