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Fade (Wake Series, Book 2)

Fade - Lisa McMann Unlike Gone, the pace in this book seems a bit slower and the plot feels dull. The writing style is the same as the last book yet it seemed to annoy me more, whereas I enjoyed it before. This book deals with a tougher subject - sexual predators in high school. As well as focusing on this, it also focuses on Janie and Caleb's relationship, which is becoming more strained as time goes on. One of the strongest characters in this was definitely Captain Fran Komisky, who becomes a motherly figure for Janie.

The rating goes up in this book, not the star rating though! Perverted teachers, nudity, sex, rape (sort of), drugs, drinking, you can find it all in here. Much swearing too. Something I do find out is the sheer amount that students sleep. It doesn't seem probable. But there's lots of little things that don't really add up in here. I still enjoyed the book immensely.