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0.4  - Mike A. Lancaster This is my second taste of Sci-Fi YA after Across the Universe by Beth Revis. A lot of YA readers shy away from Sci-Fi novels yet love Dystopian fiction, which, in my humble opinion is very, very similar. Both 0.4 and Across the Universe have received 5 stars from me and if most Sci-Fi YA is a high a standards as these two novels, I will be buying much, much more.

0.4 is not a long read at all, I finished it easily. The story sucks you in pretty quickly with Kyle's voice as the main narrator. There is a second, mysterious narrator who explains things as you go along, suggesting that the world has changed since Kyle's time and gives you frustrating clues as to what might have happened. I admit, I didn't guess at what had happened at all, which I usually do!

There's a little mild swearing in this but I believe the younger YA readers will enjoy this just as much as the older ones.