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Immortals - I'm not sure what to make of Blue Moon. At the beginning I felt that it dragged a lot and quite frankly, Ever and Damen cooing over each other all the time was really starting to grate on my nerves. And then, Damen disappears overnight and when he comes back, he's not the person he was. After that, I was gripped. I couldn't put the book down. I wanted Damen back. I wanted to know who this new guy was, Roman, and what he done to everyone - all of the school was acting pretty weirdly, not just Damen. I finished the book within a few hours, as I couldn't stop reading.

As for the award for most annoying character, I'm not sure if I should give that to Roman, who's cockyness and arrogance (okay, that's the same thing) really started to grate, or to Ava, who is no longer a wise psychic in this story but more of an absent-minded Grandmother. Actually, I'll give it to Ava, for reasons I cannot state without listing spoilers. Sorry!

There were a lot of times in this book where I wanted to pick Ever up, smack her around the face and tell her to stop being so stupid. She's very, very blonde at times. But she has her awesome moments too, which is why I love her. From throwing Stasia across the hall in the first book to asking for some really bizarre herbs in this (I sure there was something awesome she did. I just can't remember), she's quite a strong character - when she's not thinking about Damen. Too much.

Ooh I also need to add something unrelated to the text. Every so often I had to stop reading and smell the book - it smells like Narnia! A long time ago my Aunt bought be a hardback set of Narnia books with a really unique smell, one that I'd never smelt again - until I smelt these - I bought the first four Immortals as a box set. So yeah, they smell like Narnia!