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Where She Went

Where She Went - Gayle Forman Where She Went was exactly how I expected it to be. And for me, that's not a good thing. The story is told from Adam's point of view, who has gone from being My Favourite Character in If I Stay to an annoying, drugged up, washed up rock star who wines constantly about everything and who can't stop thinking about Mia.

Unfortunately I can't blame him. After Mia wakes up, a few months later she goes to Julliard, telling Adam that she's loves him... and never comes back. Angry and hurt, Adam tries to gain some control in life even though he can't stop thinking about Mia. Mia, I can't help but think, is rather shallow and bitchy for doing this. It's not that difficult to write an e-mail love.

Everyone else in the story is pretty background and there's not many people who really have a voice in this, except Mia and Adam. We learn nothing about Adam's band mates, which would have been nice.

I'd recommend this to someone who has read If I Stay and wants to read more of Adam's and Mia's story and find out what happens to them afterwards. I'd never recommend reading this before If I Stay though.

I dislike this cover for many reasons. Her head is at a strange angle but she does look like Mia, at least. However that's no excuse for really bad photoshopping. Check out her hair. I mean, really look at it. It just cuts off at odd angles. They could have done a much better cover for such a highly anticipated book.