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Strangers on the 16: 02

Strangers on the 16:02 - Priya Basil Am I the only person who enjoyed this Quick Read? Apparently so. Flick through the reviews on GoodReads and the stars go no higher than 3, of people that bothered to review the book.

It's a pretty simple story, as you can guess from the description. You view the lives of three characters that meet one day on a train - Helen, who has just discovered a secret and is travelling to see her sister to talk to her about it, Kerm, a Doctor, who's head is filled with thoughts of his Grandfather and his family, and Innocent, a boy who is angry with the world and due to his father, believes the World is against him because he's black.

There's a lot of stuff touched upon in this short book - Death, Domestic Abuse, Weight issues, racism. One thing I did find interesting was the weight issues - Helen is overweight and wearing ankle boots and, I believe, a skirt. Why do I mention this? Look at the girl on the cover. Also, Helen doesn't have a suitcase with her. Another thing that I found hilarious was Innocent and his friends - named Blessing and Comfort. No joke.