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Sisters Red

Sisters Red  - Jackson Pearce I wasn't entirely sure what to expect with this book but I loved the cover and the story sounded interesting, plus I kept seeing it in Waterstones, sitting there, whispering to me... 'Buy me... buy me...'

Insanity aside, this book is awesome. I liked that it would switch to the other sister in each chapter, that way I could see the point of view of both and when they argued, I could see both sides of the story. It was especially useful with Rosie's budding romance with Silas. I have to say, I preferred Rosie. I can understand where Scarlett is coming from but she makes really rash decisions and pretty much forces Rosie and Silas to hunt with her, so Rosie doesn't get much of a life. Silas sees this and makes her go to a Community College as part of his 'get-Rosie-a-life' plan. It's not much but it gets her out of the apartment.

There's a definite fairy-tale feel throughout this book and the prologue which tells the tale of how Scarlett got her scars is written like a Fairytale. Plus, something most YA readers will enjoy - a bit a fairytale romance between Silas and Rosie, which I think is fantastically written (except for one thing - see quotes). More than once I was screaming at the book, 'Kiss her already!'

Scarlett could have done with someone to love her but in a way that person is in the hunt, it's what she lives for. I just hope that one day she finds someone...