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Torment (Fallen, Book 2)

Udręka - Lauren Kate First of all I'd like to clear a few things up. I hate it when a description is not accurate (taken from GoodReads) so: It's not just so that Daniel can hunt down the Outcasts and the possibility of Daniel's version of the past being untrue IS NOT MENTIONED.

Anyway, for filler this is quite a good book. We get to meet new characters which, I admit, gets a bit confusion later on when they bring a few of the old characters back. We have a nice, new, shiny, upgraded setting - Shoreline, a very pretty, posh school with a really bland and stupid name. Shock horror, it's on a cliff. What we also have is a Very Annoying Boyfriend. Daniel was an ass before but at least he was a loveable one. In this he's quite controlling, demanding that Luce doesn't leave the school. Which would be fine but for the love of Fairy Cakes, Daniel, why don't you explain to Luce why it is you can't be bothered telling her about her past, the one thing that would keep her in school? Oh, that's right, if he doesn't tell her the Author can drag the story out to a third book and make even more money. Sorry Lauren but you know it's true.

When Luce starts questioning her relationship with Daniel I was like, 'You go girl! Go find some independence!' She does too, I'm pretty proud of her. Sneaking off all the time, going to the odd party, she's actually living, as she should be.