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Firelight - Sophie Jordan I kept hearing good things about this so I added it to my wishlist - then received it as an RAK! Thank you, Eleanor! The cover is beautiful, I don't usually go for covers that show a close up of a girl's face but this one really works and you can her Draki eyes and skin, which looks really unusual.

One thing I liked about Firelight was that it felt familiar - the plot reads similar to other Young Adult books and has a similar tone. For some reader's this may seem like a bad thing but after reading many novels that are out of my genre lately reading Firelight was like diving into a warm bed after a hard days work.

For once I actually liked the male character. Will is really sweet and still tries to be friends with Jacinda even after she annoying ignores him over and over. One minute she'll be all over him like a rash, the next day she'll be all, 'Oh but he's a hunter, he hunt's my kind, he's no good for me.' and then completely blanks him. So for him to still want her after that is pretty impressive.

That's the only bad point about Jacinda though. I really got into her story and felt like I could understand why she wanted to stay being a Draki (even though I've never stood on the end of a cliff, sprouted wings and flew...) and I was really annoyed at her sister and her mother. Her mother in particular, who sees it as a good thing to kill off Jacinda's Draki, even though it's a part of her and would kill her (non-literally) if it was no longer there.

Unfortunately for me, the book ends on a cliffhanger so I now have to wait until I can get my hands on the next one! Needless to say, I can't wait!