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Finding Sky

Finding Sky - Joss Stirling I really enjoyed this book at the beginning. You meet Sky, who is a character that's easy to connect with and she's a British girl who's just moved to America with her foster parents due to some art thing. You follow her as she starts to fit in with school and makes new friends and it's a really sweet story. Sky has a 'difficult' past - she was found sitting by herself somewhere and didn't speak for years until her current adoptive parents helped her talk again. At the end of chapter 8 however, everything just gets a bit silly.

Sky meets this guy called Zed and she's fascinated with him because he's got the hot mysterious bad boy thing going on. However whenever she bumps into him he seems annoyed with her (is this ringing any bells?). All of a sudden in chapter 8 Zed has a complete personality change, tells Sky he's meant to be with her and that she's his Soulfinder. Oh and she's a Savant, she can like, move food and stuff. Did I mention Zed can read minds? Oh and his brother can manipulate emotions and some others can see the future...

I really hate to compare any book to it and I usually go out of my way not to but this book reminded me so much of Twilight... except Twilight was a tad less boring. When I finally learnt about Sky's past I just thought, 'Oh, that's it?' and the plot just seemed to get sillier as it went along. When Sky's not thinking about Zed she's still the same funny sweet character that I loved in the early chapters, which is what probably kept me reading. One of the other problems with the book was that Sky is sweet. The Author felt that we kept forgetting this however so added a sentence or two about her sweet she was on practically every page.