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Sky Hawk

Sky Hawk - Gill Lewis Sky Hawk is quite a rich book, filled with vivid descriptions of Callum's world. Callum lives in a village in Scotland and his family own a farm. Like most kids he's interested in the latest technology and hanging round with his friends. He first meets Iona when she's trying to catch a fish, on Callum's land. Well, his father's. Callum's friends, particularly Rob, weren't very interesting or likeable to me but I did start to like them more as the story went on.

I really liked Iona's character. She was a cute kid and seemed to be a pretty good artist too. I felt sorry for her because she was bullied so much by her other classmates, even Callum ignored her when he was in school. She's a social outcast and lives with her mad old drunk grandfather, who has a habit of turning up to school in his pyjamas. I do think that Callum's family should have tried to help her out more, as she clearly ahd to do all of the housework etc. by herself.

About half way through something terrible happens that had me yelling about it on Twitter. I'm still not sure why it happened, as I think Callum would have done the same thing had it not happened. You try reviewing without spoilers when you need to talk about something spoilerish. It gets confusing! Anyway, I hated it.

I liked that I got to read about a girl in a dire situation, in another country. I felt really added to the story and it kept me reading. The ending finishes off perfectly and I'd really like to read more from this promising author! I love the cover too, it's difficult to take your eyes off of it. I think this book is definitely one for fans of Michael Morpurgo, which is handy because his quote is on the cover!