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Forgotten - Cat Patrick I found the concept of this book far too confusing to wrap my head around and I'm fairly sure there's a lot of plot holes in this. I could have done with a better explanation about London's condition, as it gives me a bit of a headache to think about it. Ignoring that though, I loved it! Part mystery, part romance, part coming of age, this book seems to have everything. I think what intrigued me the most about it was the many different covers, despite being released this month. It's not my favourite but my cover is to the right. Actually, I slightly hate this cover. I get the idea behind it but it's just not for me, far too dark. This is a great book if you loved the concept of 50 First Dates as a few elements in it are similar.

London is a great character but she did annoy me quite a bit. Mainly with the notes. If my memory was like hers, I would have written everything down in extreme detail, about five pages long every night, so I didn't mess up or get confused the next day. London just jots down a few bullet points and usually ends up forgetting things. London's boyfriend, Luke, is amazing, he's so patient and takes her out on the most amazing dates. When he first meets her he immediately gives her his jacket, as she's freezing but for some reason London chooses not to remember it's his. I think London was too harsh with him at times and I wish she'd have appreciated him more, as he really loved her.

At times London could be a total bitch, especially when it came to her friend, Jamie, who gets herself into a messy relationship. I could understand why London didn't want her friend dating that person but I think she went about it completely the wrong way.

It was fun following all of the twists and turns of this story. Just when I thought I'd guessed what was going to happen, it turned out to be something else and then there was another mystery to solve. It kind of reminded me of Lisa McMann's Wake in places. This is a very good debut novel and I'm really looking forward to reading more from Cat Patrick!