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Hourglass - Myra McEntire This wasn't a book that's been at the top of my wishlist, in fact it's not even on it. After reading this stunning debut, I'm really regretting that. Although I admit that the cover really put me off, it's pretty creepy to look at, even if it's memorable!

I devoured every bit of this story and I enjoyed every bit. I loved all of the characters, even the love interest, Michael! Emerson and Michael really connected with each other, and I liked that he tried to follow the rules set by Emerson's brother as it added a lot of romantic tension between them both. I love the twists and turns and surprises in this, as well a solid explanation as to why Emerson and Michael are so infatuated with each other, instead of the usual, 'He's just so darn hot!' one.

I really enjoyed reading about Emerson's past and how she deals with the ghosts that haunt her. She's a pretty strong character and has been through a lot after her parent's deaths, including being admitted in a mental facility because of the ghosts. I thought the idea of sticking your hand through the middle of the ghost was pretty funny, especially when Emerson punched Michael in the stomach. You know, just to be sure!

Although time travel is hardly a unique idea, this story felt really unique to me. The Hourglass team are kind of like time-manipulating X-Men! There's plenty of storylines that can be done with this and I'm hoping there will be sequel as I'd love to read more and there were a couple of things that weren't quite cleared up. The main storyline was cleared up nicely though and the story ended really well, I just want more!