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The Death Cure (Maze Runner Trilogy)

The Death Cure - James Dashner I grabbed The Death Cure almost as soon as I'd finished The Scorch Trials – can you blame me? Amazing cliff hanger ending. As with The Scorch Trials, the story picks up where we left off – with Thomas stuck in the white room, unable to get out. Two weeks (or so) pass before they decide to let him out again, and he's almost driven mad by the smell of himself... well he hasn't washed in weeks! Thomas is sent back to his friends and they're told that they're going to get their memories restored to them.

This back follows the same pace as the other two – lots of action, lots of suspence. I was never quite sure what would happen next. An old friend turns up later and all our questions are answered. Or are they? You see, I was disappointed in this book. I spent all year last year waiting to read it and yes, I put it off once I'd got it because I knew it would be amazing. It is. But. There were still unanswered questions. Once the Glader's memories are restored – we learn nothing of their memories. I was really looking forward to this, getting the know them, finding out who they were before WICKED. Another problem I had were what the rest of the group were actually doing while Thomas was locked away. It seemed that he never bothered asking. Brenda, one of my favourites in the last book, seemed to age 10 years mentally and I felt like she was Thomas's mother rather than potential love interest. The rest of the characters are pretty much the same at least!

There was one scene in this book that was definitely a heart breaker, trust me. I strongly believe that Thomas made the right decision but my, it was painful. I feel slightly choked up thinking about it! The title is actual my favourite thing about the book, as well as the ending. You won't understand what the title actually means until you've read the whole book, which I thought was really clever. Made me smile when I closed it!