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This Dark Endeavor

This Dark Endeavor - Kenneth Oppel This book started out quite weak and didn't really strengthen as the story went on. By page 16 we'd had Victor fall off a balcony and then Harry, Ron and Hermione discovers a secret room a couple of days later. Oh sorry, I meant Victor, Konrad and Elizabeth. My bad. Oh yeah, there's Henry too. I forgot about him. Apparently so did the blurb. There were a couple of inconsistencies between this and the original Frankenstein, which is a bit weird as this is supposed to be a prequel. My knowledge of Frankenstein does come from Wikipedia like but it mentions that Victor's mother dies when Victor is at a 'young age' but she's alive and well in this. I don't think 16 is a young age but I'm guessing the author is saving that for another book... the other is Konrad himself. Victor Frankenstein never had a twin and if you Google 'Victor Frankenstein twin' you only get results talking about this book. It's not really a prequel if the story doesn't match up with the original.

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