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Haunters. Thomas Taylor

Haunters - Thomas Taylor image

If you're looking for the next big thing in time travel, look no further. Haunters is a thrilling read that had me turning pages so fast, I almost got friction burns. Time travel, evil villians, action, adventure, it's got it all. The plot is fantastially unique too, I would never have guessed you could explain ghosts with time travel!

I loved Adam, the villan. The way he was described combined with his name immediately made me picture him as Alex, from A Clockwork Orange. And once my brian got that idea, it stuck pretty fast. I'd say that Adam is definitely more villanous though, something that is revealed slowly throughout the book.

In places, the story reminds me of the Angel's Unlimited series by Annie Dalton, which is a strong favourite of mine. Only much less girly and with a male lead! The time travel aspects are similar, only David isn't dead. I thought the Academy was really well written and I could picture everything easily throughtout, especially London. I can definitely see this shaping up to be a series similar to Time Riders, although I am hoping that it goes for unique historical events, like it did in one part of Haunters.

This is a fantastic start to a series, assuming it is a series. It's a series, right? Erm... I'll get abck to you on that. At any rate, it definitely left on a few cliffhangers, after wrapping the main story up really well. I can't wait for the next book!