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Lady Languish

Lady Languish - S.C.D. Goff Originally posted at ComaCalm's Corner

I wasn't sure what to make of this book before I started it, as the cover doesn't give much away and the reviews were non-existent! I had nothing to worry about though - the story is unique and the writing is beautiful. The story is told by Evangeline, a girl with an extremely sheltered life - apart from the boarding school she gets dumped at, she had only been away from the castle grounds once and even then it was only to the local village! This helps set some very hilarious scenes when Evangeline finally goes on her first shopping trip alone, later in the story. This is all set in Ireland too, which I found really refreshing after being in America in books for so long!

The bad guy, Malachy is a truly interesting character and one that I wish we could have seen more from, as he's one of those bad guys with a really interetsinga dn complex past. His sort-of relationship with Slane was fascinating and I do wish we could have seen more from the bad guys as a whole. Perhaps in a later book? I don't believe that Malachy is quite as evil as Hobbes, who comes across as a fatherly type but the things that he does later on really show his true colours!

Of course, every great Vampire herione needs a hot boyfriend and we've got one that fits the package pretty damn well - Lorcan, a tortured soul that we slowly get to know through Evangeline's coaxing. He likes to blend in a lot! Things happen to Lorcan at the end of the book that ensured that I'd be picking up the next book, as I need to find out what will happen to him. On top of that, Evangeline shows a few darker moments, which I'm hoping will be explored further too.