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Rapture (Fallen, #4)

Rapture (Fallen, #4) - Lauren Kate If I had one word to describe Rapture, I'd choose addicting. At least, that's what I thought at 3am this morning when I finally went to bed after finishing this amazing book and again when I woke with a headache that I presume to be similar to a hangover. It was totally worth it though, as Rapture is a thrilling conclusion to the series and I loved it!

Onto the subject that everyone's talking about Goodreads, 'For she was meant to be with someone other than Daniel', one simple sentence that made me and everyone else go WHAT? She's meant to be with Daniel! Unlike a sentence in the Torment blurb with wasn't actually covered in the book, this sentence is a big part of the book and really helps explain the story and why Luce and Daniel have been going through what they've... been going through... all I'll say is that I really enjoyed it!

Daniel is his usual irritating self. I'm not his biggest fan, I find that Cam has more personality. His being the creepy Dad again with lots of 'Well done' and 'You're so brave', that set my teeth on edge. She's not a china doll, you know? She's stronger than him. Just because you've got big ass wings don't make you special. Luce had her irritating moments too. Let's just say that she pondered as deeply and philosophically about 'their love' as a 17 year old girl could do and it got a bit repetitive.

Overlooking the irritations though, I thought the story was wrapped up amazingly well and really enjoyed the treasure hunt they had going on which introduced a new character and we got to know some old ones better too! We were also introduced to the Scale (I don't think they've been around before), who like to smother people. Literally...