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Wild Weeds

Wild Weeds - Summer Grey Wild Weeds is a strange, surreal little book. It's pretty obvious from the start that everything is not quite as it seems and keeps it up until the end where I still wasn't quite sure what happened. I got it, sure but at the same time I felt like it needed a bit more explaining and expanding upon what we were given (Wild Weeds can be read within an hour at 60 pages).

The narrator of our story is Dani, a girl who clearly isn't quite all there from the beginning and I wasn't quite sure whether to believe what she was saying or not. Dani, Dani's boyfriend and a couple of other guys all go on this sort of fairytale adventure, visiting each other's families. There were a couple of scenes in this that confused me and one that simply grossed me out as it didn't quite go with the sleepy, surreal feeling of the story.

I wasn't at all surprised by the ending, I knew exactly what was coming. I would love to now more about Dani as I don't believe that her story is quite finished yet. I'll definitely be looking out for more of Summer Grey's stories in future!