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The Prophecy of the Gems

The Prophecy of the Gems - Flavia Bujor The Prophecy of the Gems is one of those books I wish I could have read when I was younger. Not because it's so awesomely fantastic I could shout about it on the roof whilst tap-dancing to some 20's sounding music but because I think I could have enjoyed it better if I did and and wouldn't have judged it as much. A big part of me enjoyed it thoroughly but another part was wanting to barf in a TARDIS-style bucket. It's basically a modern Fairytale where three girls makes a land all full of light and hope wherever they go and whilst they're at it, they're trying to fulfil a prophecy.

My favourite character was either Joa or Death. They were both pretty awesome. Joa is a character that older readers would probably 'get' more, whereas I liked Death because she was a tiny fat emo.

I could join the ranks of a couple of Goodreads reviewers who hated the book because it was childish (well, it was aimed at kids) but I could really see potential with this and considering the Author was only 12 when she started writing it (not 15 or 17 like some people think) I think that's pretty amazing considering the depth of this book when you finished reading it. The story does have a huge twist in the plot, which I loved so, so much.

The relationship between Opal and what's his face interested me. They had no connection whatsoever, just was like, Hi, I love you, I'd die for you.' <--- Literally.<br/>