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Wasteland (The Kin Trilogy, #1) - Patricia  Williams Note: While I babble on about how much I love this book, this book was released in early 2011 and there has been no updates about a sequel yet, despite leaving questions unanswered. So I'm sorry to the author, but I cannot recommend this book.

Wow, this book is amazing. The original description doesn't give you much to go on, admittedly when I first read the description I thought I was going to be reading a coming-of-age story. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that this book is actually a fantasy - and one of the most amazing books I have ever read.

The story reads like a dystopian book but it's set in the present day. We follow Becca as she struggles with panic attacks after the accident and has flashbacks, plus all the weird stuff that seems to be happening to her. Luke,who comes in a bit later, I was expecting him to be the typical male love interest but his character actually has layers instead of being a cardboard cut-out. He's smart, funny and sweet and really seems to care for Becca, although he won't admit that at first.

The story is written is first person narrative and it really works. I was drawn into the book really quickly and I was pretty sad when it ended. Have no fear, at the end it says the sequel is out in May!