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Flawless - Lara Chapman To start with, I adore that cover. As soon as I saw the cover, I knew I had to read it. The story itself is quite a quick read at around 250 pages and quite enjoyable as a quick, fluffy read (with nothing that you don't want the younger YA set to read about) about embracing your flaws. Perfect for a lazy day at the beach or something.

Part of the fun of Flawless for me was trying to imagine what Sarah's nose looks like, as every character in the book seem to point out how huge it is at some point. I ended up imaging it as the guy in the egg card advert with the huge nose. You know, the one where he sneezes? I miss those adverts! Sarah's character is definitely more likeable than Kristen's, a lot of the times I wanted to slap some sense into Kristen and make her realise what she was doing to her friend. I found it weird that they were friends as they were quite opposite from each other but then again, I had a friend like Kristen. I don't have a big nose though. Mine is quite cute.

One good thing about Sarah is that she's smart. Very smart in fact. She gets on with her school work, panics if she's late for class and is filling in every college application she's eligible for. Lara Chapman could have gone with your typical giggling blonde chick with no brains but I'm glad she didn't as that wouldn't have worked at all. Kristin however, is the opposite - she's not very bright and says a lot of things that are downright stupid (The Impressionists - not comedians!) and you can see she envies Sarah's writing ability. Oddly enough though, she's very good at maths!

Right from the start I could see that Sara and Rock worked together and I couldn't blame her for being jealous of her friend. I found her chats to Rock quite painful to read, I wanted him to realise it was her writing to him! I would have liked to know more about Rock's character as I never really connected with him.