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Ten Things We Shouldn't Have Done

Ten Things We Shouldn't Have Done - Sarah Mlynowski TTWSHD was a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. Sometimes, I was like, Yeah! Party!, other times really peeved at Noah and one time very anxious about a donut. The story was really fun throughout and I read it really quickly.

Growing up is the main theme. You have April, who's trying to rebel against her family whilst bottling up her emotions after her Mother left for France, Vi, whose mother is hardly ever at home, Marissa, whose boyfriend lives in Boston and Lily, who's just weird. Really weird. And then there's Noah. And a couple fo other guys but I'd rather concentrate on Noah. Good Lord he annoyed me. Throughout the boom I could see exactly what he was and I just wanted to April to dump him and date someone more worthy of her time. He avoided seeing her most days, and then had the nerve to be jealous when she starting talking to another guy. Ergh.

What I didn't like about this book was the jumping. I got used to it aftera while but jumping backwards and forwards in time constantly gave me a headache. As I was reading the Kindle edition the headers for the new chapters and paragraphs were pretty large too which was... irritating!