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Not the End of the World

Not the End of the World - Geraldine McCaughrean This sounds like a really cute story right? Simple little book, no more than 200 pages, perfect for a lazy afternoon with you grab a giant bag of cheese puffs and try and keep the cheese dust away from the pages. Well... I'd put the cheese puffs down because if you eat while reading this book, you're going to have to explain the cheese coloured vomit on your book.

This book is seriously gross. I was taken aback by it because it won a Children's Award back in 2004, so I really was expecting a cute story adapted from the bible. Now I may be being old fashioned but I wouldn't give this book to a child. People die, animals are brutally sacrificed, it was a very harrowing journey all in all.

The story is good. I did feel like I was there (unfortunately) and everything was vividly described, even the slaughter of a newborn wildebeest (even more unfortunately). I did feel, however, that the death and blood and poo was just a bit too much for my stomach.

The book switches points of view a lot. I didn't mind it too much when it was people but we also got the points of view of the animals, which was weird. The animals all talked about their gods too, which was (again) weird for a book that gave the impression it thought Noah was more than a bit crazy.

I did kind of want to find out what happened to them after the journey but at the same time I don't think my stomach could take it. I do think I'll be avoiding this author's books in the future, if this is anything to go by.