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Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls - Anya Allyn It's basically impossible to review this book properly without giving away even minor spoilers for Dollhouse, so I'm sorry if you haven't read Dollhouse but seriously. Stop reading this spoilery review and go buy the book because it's creepy, gothic and amazing. It'll keep you guessing too!

I wasn't expecting too much from Dollhouse when I first picked it up but I love the cliched horror movie concept of a bunch of teens in the woods that stumble on an old house and stupidly decide to explore it. It really surprised me because there were so many layers to the story and I couldn't stop reading. The Dollhouse aspect was so weird and original and the ending was mind blowing, I knew I had to read the whole series as quickly as possible.

The story basically picks up where it left off, without giving us endless recaps like other books do, which I was really grateful for. Cassie literally crawls out of the hell hole she's been living in and promptly gets help for the other girls that are still trapped in there Being in the outside world again after reading about the dollhouse for so long was really strange, it made me realise just how suffocating the Dollhouse felt.

In between Cassie's story, we have Jessamine's, the owner of the Dollhouse. At first I didn't really care for her story but as it progressed, I berated myself for not giving her a chance, as her story is probably one of the most interesting ones of the book. She knows all the origins of the Dollhouse, of course, why it was built in the first place.

Jessamine, when we meet her, is living in the 1920's, a performer in the Fiveash circus. The circus, of course, belongs to her Grandfather. Jessamine is a simple enough girl, very naiive. She also very stubborn. I could see why she was so naiive though - her father passed away and her mother is in a wheelchair, switched off from the world. Basically leaving her parentless except for her Grandfather, who is always busy. Once the events leading up to the Dollhouse started, I was surprised at nearly all of them as I didn't guess a single one!

The ending to this basically blew my mind. My jaw dropped open at the twist in events and I am so, so excited to start reading Marionette to find out what happens next!