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Reaper (Soul Screamers)

Reaper - Rachel Vincent If I ignore my hatred of Rachel Vincent's obsession with repeating everything I already know about the book ('The female of our species was better known, historically and mythologically, by her iconic wail for the dying. What most of the human race didn’t know was that where they heard a head-splitting scream, male bean sidhes—like me and Nash—heard an eerie, compelling song calling out to disembodied souls, keeping them from moving on.' Yes I know I read it in the last book and the one before that and the one before that too!) it's a very good book, an excellent book in fact. But it's short (yes, I know it's a short story), so short in fact it stops dead. I found myself looking on other people's blogs to see if I had less of the book than they did (it is a 72 page PDF right?). Very strange cliffhanger ending.
It is beautifully written though! We see Tod just before his death, right past his recruitment as a Reaper and there's even a few surprises along the way (and did I see Kaylee make a cameo appearance?).
The cover is my idea of Nash, not Tod. He's too young.