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Geek Girl

Geek Girl - Cindy C. Bennett Characters: Jan's character was pretty interesting but I did find it difficult to connect with her. I think this is due to two things: when we first meet her, she's not a very likeable person at all and she has an obsession with what Geek people supposedly do and don't do (apparently laying on a trampoline is one of them). The second in particular really irritated me. Trevor seemed a bit cardboard to me, I didn't really 'get' him unfortunately.

I was hoping for something that would keep me thinking and dreaming about it long after I'd read it, and it certainly has the potential to do just that, but it never really goes anywhere and just seems really long. It's definitely not an original plot and doesn't do anything better than other books and movies have. I did enjoy reading about Jan's life etc, but it takes a long time to get to know her, and her less bitchy side.