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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden)

The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa Julie Kagawa has written about two subjects I usually avoid. The first, is fairies/fae. I always avoid these, for reasons I know not. It's just never appealed to me. The second is Vampires. Originally I barely glanced at it but when I read the blurb I was intrigued – a Dystopian with Vampires? Could that work?

Boy, did it work. Julie has created a very rich and thought provoking world, filled with Vampires, Street Rats and Rabids. Add that to an extensive history of how this world came to be and an exotic kick-ass heroine and you have a recipe for awesomeness. I could hardly put the book down! The story is almost relentless in suspense and action and I enjoyed every minute.

During the story, we follow Allie (Allison), a street rat (not a literal one) living in New Covington with her crew – Stick, Lucas and Rat but she soon leaves them behind when she dies – and is turned into a Vampire by Kanin. Kanin is quite harsh with Allison but fair – he's trying to teach her how to survive as fast as possible. She soon separates from him too and makes her own journey across America, meeting a band of travellers.

There's definite potential for a love triangle here which I'm hoping for as I really like Kanin's character, which we didn't see much of this book! I can't wait for the next book, even though the first hasn't been released at the time of writing this.