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Unraveling - Elizabeth Norris Originally Posted @ ComaCalm's Corner

Sci-Fi are getting more popular after books like Across the Universe and Glow hit the bookshelves last year. Unraveling is another Sci-Fi novel but ditches the spaceships and sets the book on our planet instead. Throw in some romance and unexpected twists and turns and you've got the perfect YA Sci-Fi novel, right? Well... not really.

The problem I had with this book was keeping up. There so SO MANY characters. Take the boys/guys for example - Janelle's brother, Dad, Dad's friend, Dad's colleague that he hates, Janelle's sort-of boyfriend, Janelle's friend-who's-a-boy-and-lives-next-door, Janelle's sort-of boyfriend's friend. Janelle's sort-of boyfriend's other friend. The guy that saves her. His two friends. You can see where I'm going here. That's just some of the guys. And then there's the girls, of which there are many also. The whole of this story is like this - trying to fit too much in. Yet, it's pretty slow reading too. I physically had to drag myself through parts of this book and I was really relieved when it started picking up a bit half way through. I was a little unsure why there seemed to be a few Twilight references though, like Janelle's Dad being a cop, Ben working on motorbikes and him telling her she imagined what happened to her after she was hit by a truck.

There are some great, unique things about this book. Janelle's mother has Bipolar Depression which is great to see in YA and fantastically told, not something that's shoved in the background. The reason for the countdown was something I never would have guessed and the reason for Ben's strange power was even weirder but extremely interesting. However the biggest mystery is why the cops seem to trust Janelle to solve the case for them, instead of getting off their asses and doing it themselves...