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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin Originally posted @ ComaCalm's Corner

I was pulled into this story almost straight away, the creepy storyline getting creepier as we meet Mara and her friends, only to be told she's a murderer and all of her friends are dead, something that Mara has no memory of, once we meet her in the hospital room. Events progress and we move to Florida and a new school, where Mara has a pretty hilarious first day (with quite a few hallucinations) and meets Noah.

Noah is THE GUY everyone has been gushing at and I can see why - he's British, polite, hot... but not for me. The British thing is okay I guess (I'm British so not too fussed) but I found that he has a bit of an anger problem is anyone as much as looks at Mara the wrong way, which was a bit unnerving. He doesn't have a great reputation with girls either.

I loved most of the story. There was so much humour and innuendos throughout that kept me reading just for the giggles! I desperately wanted to find out what was going on with Mara too and I didn't find out too quickly like with other Paranormal YA's - it was a bit of a slow trickle of information to be honest. Three quarters of the way through it got a bit too PNYA towards the end, which bored me half to death. The book ending on a nice cliffhanger, not one that has me clawing at my local bookshop but enough to make me look forward to reaidng the next book.

I was a little confused about one thing - at the beginning Mara mentions that Mara Dyer is not her real name but later in the story she mentions a teacher mispronouncing Dyer - a rookie mistake or a deliberate attempt to make us unsure whether to believe Mara or not?