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A Season of Eden

A Season of Eden - Jennifer Laurens A Season of Eden is amazing well paced. Slow enough to keep me reading but fast enough to hold my interest too. It's a pretty simple story with complex characters and I found it compulsively readable. The story explores the idea of a student-teacher relationship, which didn't seem too weird to me, as Eden was 18 and four months from Graduating, and James Christian was 21. Actually, he was 22 at first and then later on it said 21. So... I'm not sure...

Eden is popular. I picked this up quite easily and I found it really interesting to see it from her perspective, as she just found it normal that girls would walk away if she gave them a look, and people would clear a seat for her if she wished. It wasn't something that she cared about either, she was just used to it. Her home life is equally interesting - her Mom died a year or so ago, and her dad remarried only a few months later. Now she barely speaks to her Dad and comes home to the sound of her Dad and Step Mom arguing every single day. There are things that happen in this broken family later on that really made me sympathise with Eden.

Of course, the main focus of this story is obsession - I.E. Eden's obsession with James Christian. The story starts around the same day she meets him and leaves us on a bit of a cliff hanger at the end. I guess to let us make up our own minds about what happens next. James himself is very easy to imagine, as Eden does go in a lot of detail about him. A heck of a lot. However, if you're reading this for anything other than the romance aspect, don't. The story is about James and Eden and there's very little else. The sexual tension between the two of them was pretty intense, and kept me reading right to the very end to see what would happen. However, despite this, the book was pretty clean!