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Hold Still

Hold Still - Nina LaCour I haven't read much contemporary YA lately and Hold Still fulfilled my need for it perfectly. I read it compulsively, barely pausing to breathe until the end. It was just... perfect. It had everything I needed - death, love, hope, art, lesbians...

Dylan is like, the ultimate best friend. Not only is she a lesbian with an actual personality but she really helps Caitlin get out of her funk and start to enjoy life again. I really did picture her as Rock Nana, from the manga series. Her over-whelming need for MOAR COFFEE was a little worrying though!

Art is a big theme in this, Caitlin and Ingrid used to be the stars of their photography class last year and now that Ingrid has died, Caitlin just can't bring herself to be bothered anymore. This isn't helped by Veena, their class teacher, who seems to prefer to ignore Caitlin this year. The idea of Caitlin being a carpenter and building a tree house was AWESOME and I had a lot of fun imagining it!