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Dark Remains

Dark Remains - Sean  McMahon Dark Remains is a wonderfully well researched book. From the start, I was gripped by the writing and plunged straight into 19th century London. I felt as if I really were in the grubby, filthy streets of London, alongside Maggie and Tom. The book has a very Dickensian feel to it and I would definitely recommend it to fans of Mary Hooper, as the plot follows a very similar path to her novels. Maggie's voice, although written by a man, is very authentic. Throughout the story she remains a very strong character, determined to protect her little brother from the horrors of Victorian London.

The plot itself is actually kind of bizarre! At first, I didn't find it very believable but as the loose ends were tied up I could understand why things happened when they did and I really appreciate that! It was still a very bizarre story even at the end though and not one I'll easily forget!

I was especially pleased to find out at the end of the story that there will be a sequel, as I'm quite curious to find out what happens to our little gang!