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The Amazing Mind of Alice Makin

The Amazing Mind of Alice Makin - Alan Shea I loved this book. It's quite a quick read but completely enjoyable. Alice is a funny, quick-witted character with an over-active imagination. She likes to write a lot which gets her into a lot of trouble with her Step-Dad. Personally I would have encouraged it. Alice is the narrator of this book and she talks in short, sharp sentences which is rather cute and helps capture what it's like to be 12 years old.
There is one scene in it where Alice and her friends are at the bonfire and all of a sudden fireworks are going off. I thought that scene must have been amazing to a lot of people as it was just after the war and that much noise and colour wouldn't have been allowed at night in the war.
The story slowly builds towards it's magical ending and never really tells you whether there's true magic or not, it lets you decide for yourself, which is the way it should be.
Personally, I'm with the Indians.