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Blood & Ice

Blood and Ice - Robert Masello This book is one of those books where the Author has a brilliant idea and then ruins it by writing a half-assed ending. It starts brilliantly by telling you how Sinclair and Eleanor end up in the ice block, then in the next chapter switches to the present day, with Michael as the main character. The book continues to do the switching each chapter so you learn about Sinclair and Eleanor's life in the past, then Michael's life in the present. Then it slows down three quarters of the way through and finishes with a weak ending.I would have given this book 4 stars but every so often Robert Masello launches into extreme detail about the horrible ways animals kill each other and how humans kill animals. There seems to be no need for it either, it was kind of like he just felt like throwing it in the mix. Then he decides to throw in a leg amputation. Why? Guess he felt like it. I will say this is without anesthetic so if you have a weak stomach it's probably not advisable to read that part.