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Annexed - Sharon Dogar At first when I picked up this book I was worried that it wouldn't be as good as it could be. But as this is a touchy subject to write about, I figured the publishers wouldn't publish it if it wasn't good.
I wasn't disappointed. Completely (well almost) historically accurate, I feel like Peter is now a real person, rather than a boy in Anne's diary. The story that Peter tells is completely believable and drags you right into that cold, suffocating world of the Annex and tells the story of it's residents. If Peter ever had the chance to write a biography, I doubt it would differ much from this.
There are gaps where we're not quite sure what happens in parts of Peter's life, like where he died for instance, so Sharon Dogar had to guess. I think she did it marvelously.
Beautifully told, I'd recommend this to any fans of Anne Frank, in fact I feel it's a must read. Only bad point I can think of is that this will probably used in schools, so a lot of kids might end up hating it! After all, teachers pick stories to bits...