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Generation Dead

Generation Dead  - Daniel Waters This is one of my favourite books this year. I started reading it fully expecting not much at all and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that this story was really well thought out. The Living Impaired kids are being killed off by various gangs and a mysterious white van that we don't discover about just yet, dying (again) in horrible ways. Legally, too, as there is no law that states that a 'Zombie' has rights. They cannot vote, they can be killed, they can't even have a library card. I'm interested in the Politics of this as the series progresses. I'd like to see if the laws the Zombies want are put in place, because even the Government seem to be against them.
I read somewhere that the characters were 'cardboard' but I believe that this is incorrect. They have personalities, I can connect with the characters, so for me personally they are not cardboard.
Pete, oddly enough is one of the characters I felt the most sorry for. He had a friend, Julie who died and he feels so much hate towards the Zombies because she never came back. He attaches himself to Phoebe because she reminds him of Julie, even accidentally calling her Julie occasionally.
Adam, I admit, is a little cardboard. He's a Jock who's fallen in love with his best friend. He follows her around like a puppy and rather reminds me of Jacob from the Twilight books.
Tommy is an interesting character. The story has three narrators, Phoebe, Adam and Pete but I would have liked to see Tommy's side of the story too. He seems like a nice person and all but I think he's just using Phoebe to make a statement.