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Matched  - Ally Condie The officials in this book reminded me a lot of the Government in Uglies. That is all.
I loved this book and I can't wait for the next instalment. However, looking around at the reviews I've found that quite a few people hate this book. Why? I have no idea, each to their own I guess. I thought this book was very cleverly written and the cover is very intriguing. It's very simple, yes, but very very effective. I'm interested as to what the next cover will look like, maybe Ky in a bubble?
I feel the need to cover a few things that other reviewers have said (check out Goodreads, they hate it there). Okay, a lot of people have said that the plot has been stolen from another book. I will point out that this story is one that has been done a million times already, it's a fresh take on it and it works. The Hunger Games - someone accused Suzanne of stealing Battle Royale's plot which, for me, was highly amusing because they'd clearly never read or heard of Lord of the Flies. And even so, the idea for that would have been around long before Lord of the Flies. Today, when every plot has been done already, it's a very silly thing to accuse one book of stealing the plot of another book, in my opinion. Anyway, this book is awesome, well written and thoroughly engaging. Go read it!