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Wake - Lisa McMann I love this book! I've read it twice so far and I'm dying to read Fade, which I plan to do very soon. The idea that you could see other people's dreams is certainly a intriguing one for me (and probably for many people) and I think that's one of the reasons I enjoyed this so much.

Janie is a strong character - I really felt for her when she was going though the frustrations of being stuck in people's dreams without knowing how to help or get out of the dreams. I also felt for Caleb quite a lot when Janie was refusing to listen to what he had to say. I would have liked to hear more of Janie's Mom and Cassie's story though, they were mentioned frequently but they still felt like background characters.

The writing style in this book really drew me in, I couldn't stop reading, nor did I want to. It was difficult to drag myself away. Which is ironic because Janie gets sucked in too - to other people's dreams.

As you'd expect with dreams, there's some hilarious moments, especially with Melanie's dreams about Carrie. My particular favourite hilarious moment involved a coffee cart.

I discovered on Goodreads a fair few people who hate Lisa McMann, just because of this book. What's wrong with it? For a debut novel its very very good. I think they should try out Cryer's Cross because that book is just beyond amazing.